Class Rooms
The Vaageswari classroom is relatively large, however it houses about 60 students. The classroom is set up with learner in mind, it is full of teacher made activities and bulletin boards where the learner could activity demonstrate their knowlegde about any subject matter by answering the questions posted on the boards. The boards are also displayed with historical, grammatical, and scientific facts. The desk arrangement is pow wow style, where the students can openly discuss any topic viewing their classmates and the teacher. The classroom also has three computers and the students have a designated cubby closets. The classroom comes equipped with the basic green chalkboard, and the teacher has an overhead projector centered in the room. Its full of maps world and country and books on all subject matters.
The Vaageswari faculty uses a variety of teaching methods to cater to each learning style in the classroom. The methods vary from rhythmic or musical, as the students learn their multiplication facts by using rap, to an lingustic approach where the students are asked to meomorize concepts in science. The lessons taught in the classroom are based off of the Standards of Learning in Virginia for the Thrid grade, however they are taught in a variety of ways.